July 02, 2020
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Not Yet On the Road Again
Neil Wagner

Travel restrictions really help reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Shelve your dreams of travel. For the time being, stay close to home. Read more >

Resistance Denied
Neil Wagner

There are two new antibiotics around -- one fights a well-known respiratory bacteria, and another targets malaria. Resistance is futile. Read more >

Stop Vacation Weight Gain
Beth Fontenot, MS, RD, LDN

You don't want to come home from your summer vacation with extra pounds. Here's a proven way to prevent that from happening. Read more >

Flu Fliers
Neil Wagner

Worried about catching airborne viruses when you fly? You can probably relax. Read more >

Life-Saving Mosquitoes
Neil Wagner

A strain of genetically-modified mosquitoes appears to prevent the spread of malaria. Read more >

Measles Outbreaks and Travel
Charlotte LoBuono

Measles is highly contagious and picked up during travel. Check your immunity before going on vacation. Read more >

Sexual Adventurers
Charlotte LoBuono

For many women vacation is a time of sexual exploration. While this can be empowering, it also brings risks. Read more >

Zika in Utah
Esther Entin, M.D.

The Zika virus has killed an elderly person in Utah and infected another. The CDC is investigating. Read more >

When Good Hikes Go Bad
Neil Wagner

Over half of all hikers are seriously under-prepared. Here are 10 items you need to bring with you — even for a short hike. Read more >

Nature Ignites a Creative Spark
Charlotte LoBuono

Spending time in nature spurs creativity. Read more >

Safety Seats? It Depends on How You Use Them
Neil Wagner

Strap your kid in and they're safe, right? Wrong. And for kids aged 4 to 8, seatbelts alone won't do it. Read more >

The Bus Rider's Dilemma
Neil Wagner

It's common to place your coat on the bus or train seat next to you hoping for solitude... Read more >

What's Waiting for You in Your Hotel Room?
Alice G. Walton

If you're staying in a hotel or motel this summer, some unwelcome "guests" may precede you. Read more >

Longer Commutes, Poorer Health
Neil Wagner

Longer commutes are associated with poorer health. Prolonged sitting is partly to blame, but traffic also takes a toll. Read more >

Ticks and Blood Transfusions Spread Potentially Dangerous Parasite
Alice G. Walton

Blood transfusions are the cause of many cases of the parasite Babesia, which is normally spread by ticks. Read more >

Car Seats Should Stay in the Car to Avoid Accidents
Alice G. Walton

Don't leave your baby unattended while in his or her car seat - especially outside the car. Serious injuries can happen. Read more >

CDC to Beijing-Bound: Beware of Dogs
Jordana Bieze Foster

Travelers are better off worrying about more common ailments than exotic diseases. Read more >

10 Ways to Have a Healthy Vacation
Tom Gilbert

Make a list of important health-related items to take along on vacation, including prescription meds and OTC pain relievers. Read more >

Drug Treatment for Malaria: Could Less Be More?
Tom Gilbert

In a recent Read more >

Joel G. Breman, M.D.

Watch Out For Heat Stroke
Tom Gilbert

What is the major cause of heat stroke? Ignorance — of our own bodies, of the weather and of what one can do to the other. Read more >

Road Traffic Injuries: Can We Stop A Global Epidemic?
Lauren P. Giles, B.A.; Elisabeth S. Hayes, M.B.A.; and Mark L. Rosenberg, M.D., M.P.P.

The causes of RTIs have been established: excessive speed, consumption of drugs and alcohol, failure to use seatbelts and poor road design. Read more >

Got to Run: Travelers' Diarrhea
Gary M. Gray, M.D.

If antibiotics aren't stopping your traveler's diarrhea within three days, go see a doctor as soon as possible. Read more >

To Sydney and Beyond
Martin J. Carey, M.D.

If you are short of breath in the days following a long airplane trip, see a doctor ASAP. Read more >

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