August 23, 2017
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Sexual Adventurers
Charlotte LoBuono

For many women vacation is a time of sexual exploration. While this can be empowering, it also brings risks. Read more >

Having Less Sex?
Neil Wagner

People are having sex less often. And it's not about work...or age. Read more >

Low T? More News
Neil Wagner

A new series of studies of testosterone therapy and bone health, anemia, heart risks and memory have just been published. Read more >

Same-Sex Marriage Reduces Teen Suicide
Leslie Carr

The sexual confusion of the teen years can be brutal for teens questioning their sexuality. Legalizing same-sex marriage has helped. Read more >

The Vasectomy of the Future
Neil Wagner

Women take note: it's possible to plug the vas deferens so sperm can't get out. And the procedure may even be reversible Read more >

"Really, Really Smart"
Alice G. Walton

When 7-year-olds are asked to pick someone really smart, they choose differently than they did when they were five. Read more >

Preventing Miscarriage
Alice G. Walton

Miscarriage is heartbreaking. For some women the end of disappointment may be in sight. Read more >

Testosterone, No Magic Bullet
Neil Wagner

Studies of testosterone treatment paint a murky picture of what has become a billion dollar industry. Read more >

Why Sex Ed Doesn't Work
Neil Wagner

Teens have some pretty good reasons for giving their sexual education programs low marks. Read more >

Marital Discord, Written on the Body
Neil Wagner

The way you handle disputes with your partner can show up as health issues down the road. Read more >

What Transgender Kids Need From Their Parents
Charlotte LoBuono

If your child feels his or her gender ldentity is different from their biological sex, your support can make a huge difference. Read more >

Give T A Chance
Neil Wagner

Sex lives and mood improved when older men with low T used testosterone gel. Read more >

A Non-Prescription Way to Fight Depression
Neil Wagner

Exercise and meditation, used together, can be an effective one-two punch for depression. Read more >

HIV Screening Falls Short
Esther Entin, M.D.

Patient confidentiality is a a big reason many teens and young adults avoid going for HIV testing. Read more >

Fruit's Sexy Side Effect
Neil Wagner

Men who eat more fruit are at far less risk for erectile problems. It's all in the flavonoids. Read more >

Suffering Semen
Neil Wagner

Birth rates in the EU and other developed nations are back to the low levels of a century ago. Read more >

Sex And Happiness
Neil Wagner

Having sex once a week is a good recipe for a happy relationship. Read more >

Sex And Drugs And...
Neil Wagner

Smoking pot and drinking alcohol increase the likelihood students will have sex. More concerning is which students are having the most unprotected sex. Read more >

Safe Sex, The Cardio Version
Neil Wagner

Having sex if you've had heart problems is generally safe. Ask your doctor if he or she doesn't bring it up. Read more >

Senior Sex In A Post-Viagra World
Barbara L. Marshall, Ph.D.

More seniors are enjoying sex, but a worrisome emphasis on performance is creeping in. Read more >

Low T? Not Necessarily
Neil Wagner

Testosterone may not be the answer for men with ejaculation problems. Read more >

What Your Online Dating Photo Says About You
Charlotte LoBuono

If you photoshopped your profile photo to make yourself look better, you may want to think again. Read more >

A Miscarriage of Miscarriage
Alice G. Walton

Miscarriage is almost never a woman's fault. Most often, it's because the fetus is not viable. Read more >

Millennials Spearhead a Shift in Sexual Attitudes
Neil Wagner

Sexual attitudes keep changing — and changing back again. What new and what's not. Read more >

Parenthood Puts An End to Couples' Equal Workloads
Leslie Carr

When a first child arrives, couples' equal workloads go out the window. But it's not all dad's fault. Read more >

Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies: A New Approach to HIV Treatment
Charlotte LoBuono

The broadly neutralizing antibody 3BNC117 is active against over 80% of HIV strains and is well-tolerated. Read more >

Matters of Size, The End of Penis Insecurity
Neil Wagner

Reassuring news for men with penis envy who worry about measuring up. Read more >

Misleading Numbers on Campus Sexual Assaults
Neil Wagner

Guess what happens to the number of rapes and sexual assaults reported on campuses when legal scrutiny is lifted? Read more >

Online Dating: Putting Science on Your Side
Neil Wagner

From your screen name to the colors in your profile picture, tips for putting your best foot forward online. Read more >

Is That Hysterectomy Really Necessary?
Charlotte LoBuono

Too often surgery is the first option presented to women with minor gynecological issues. Read more >

Semen Quality Is a Reflection of General Health
Neil Wagner

Poor semen quality and fertility problems tend to be a reflection of other health issues. Read more >

Perimenopause, Estrogen and Mood
Esther Entin, M.D.

Estrogen levels fluctuate during the changes leading up to menopause, and this destabilizes brain chemicals linked to mood. Read more >

The Keys to Life after a Heart Attack: Medication and Lifestyle Changes Part 2
Richard Josephson, M.D., and Sri K. Madan Mohan, M.D.

For many people, having a heart attack is a wake-up call that sets them on a healthier path. Read more >

Young Women Often Unaware of the Cancer Protection Offered by the HPV Vaccine
Charlotte LoBuono

Human papilloma virus spreads easily with sexual contact. It can make girls vulnerable to cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine is the answer. Read more >

Stress Can Reduce a Woman's Chances of Becoming Pregnant
Alice G. Walton

Stress can greatly reduce a woman’s odds of becoming pregnant. Read more >

In Relationships, A Good Foundation Matters More than Communication
Alice G. Walton

Conflict happens, and can even make relationships stronger. But you need one ingredient. Read more >

Two Studies Expand Treatment Options for Menopausal Symptoms
Esther Entin, M.D.

Women can suffer the symptoms of menopause for years, even decades. New treatments may help. Read more >

Too Few Doctors Talk to Teen Patients About Sex
Charlotte LoBuono

Doctors tend not to discuss sex with their teenaged patients. What a wasted opportunity. Read more >

Potentially Dangerous Fracking Chemicals Found in Ground Water
Charlotte LoBuono

Fracking increases the levels of hormone disrupting chemicals in the water supplies near sites. Read more >

Chemical in Grape Seed Extract Kills Prostate Cancer Cells
Charlotte LoBuono

A compound in grape seed extract selectively kills prostate cancer cells. Read more >

Men and Women's Neural Networks Reflect Sex Differences
Michael J. Gertner

A new kind of brain scan tells us a lot about why women are better at meetings and men at maps. Read more >

How Couples Use Texting Can Bring Them Closer, Drive Them Apart
Charlotte LoBuono

Text messages offer lovers another way to whisper endearments. But some texts just shouldn't be sent. Read more >

Teens More Susceptible to Herpes Infections
Neil Wagner

Oral sex is not the protect from STDS that many think it is. In particular, herpes is more likely to be transmitted. Read more >

How Well You Cope with Rejection May Be Up to Your Brain
Neil Wagner

Painful feelings of rejection actually are rooted in the brain, and may be cured there. Read more >

New Test Could Take the Guesswork Out of Treating Prostate Cancer
Neil Wagner

A new genetic test may take the guesswork out of figuring out which prostate cancers are deadly. Read more >

The Darker Side of Oxytocin
Neil Wagner

Oxytocin has been called the love hormone. But it's long-term effects are quite different. Read more >

Vaginal Changes After Menopause
Nancy A. Phillips, M.D. and Gloria A. Bachmann, M.D.

Pain during sex is a common experience among older women, but it doesn't have to be that way. Read more >

Pediatricians and LGBTQ Teens
Esther Entin, M.D.

Whether a teenager's sexual orientation is gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or questioning, his or her doctor is an important ally. Read more >

BPA Exposure Damages Male Reproductive Tissue
Neil Wagner

A new study finds human fetal cells are highly sensitive to the endocrine disruptor bisphenol A. It's not just about lab animals anymore. Read more >

The Link Between Lifestyle and Semen Quality
Charlotte LoBuono

Exercise is an important factor in male fertility. Men who watch TV 20 hours a week have sperm counts half those of men who watch less. Read more >

Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Menopausal Symptoms
Charlotte LoBuono

Complementary and alternative (CAM) therapies may provide relief for women transitioning to menopause. HRT helps, too. Read more >

Health Tips to Carry Forward into 2013
Leslie Carr

New years are for fresh starts and self improvement. Here are some findings to take with you into 2013. Read more >

Pediatricians Come Out in Favor of Emergency Contraception for Teens
Esther Entin, M.D.

The AAP says girls need to know emergency contraception is an option when birth control fails. Read more >

HPV Vaccine Does Not Change Sexual Behavior in Girls
Charlotte LoBuono

Good news for parents: protecting girls with the HPV vaccine does not encourage sexual activity. Read more >

Why Women – and Eunuchs – Live Longer
Neil Wagner

Palace eunuchs in Korea lived longer than other men of the time. What does this say about male... Read more >

Protection from AIDS for High-Risk Heterosexuals
Neil Wagner

The CDC recommends people at high risk for heterosexual transmission of HIV consider using Truvada. Read more >

Can Walnuts Help Solve Male Fertility Problems?
Neil Wagner

The fatty acids in walnuts appear to improve the mobility and vitality of sperm. Read more >

Long-Term Contraception More Effective at Preventing Unintended Pregnancies
Charlotte LoBuono

Women taking the pill or patch or ring were far more likely to have an unplanned pregnancy... Read more >

Patients With No Post-MI Counseling Needlessly Delay or Avoid Sex
Charlotte LoBuono

It is generally safe to resume sex after a heart attack. Don't be afraid to raise the issue with your doctor. Read more >

Who Will Divorce?
Alice G. Walton

Even the happiest newlyweds can go on to divorce. But early warning signs might predict who does... Read more >

The Y Chromosome May Be Responsible for the Higher Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Men
Alice G. Walton

The Y chromosome may affect more than men's sex organs... Read more >

Conflict and Conversation in Relationships
Leslie Carr

Trying to figure out whether your partner is a keeper? A new study suggests where you should look. Read more >

The Internet as Matchmaker
Alice G. Walton

Internet dating is one of the top methods for finding love, whether the pros outweigh the cons... Read more >

The Marriage Problem
Alice G. Walton

Marriage carries with it the threat of divorce. But it also offers significant health benefits. Read more >

For Most Heart Patients, No Need to Avoid Sex
Susan H. Scher, M.D.

Sexual activity is safe for most heart patients, like any form of moderate exercise. Read more >

Adrenal Hormone DHEA For Menopause Symptoms
Alice G. Walton

The hormone DHEA sounds like a miracle: it may ease menopause symptoms and boost sexual interest. Read more >

Men and Sex: The Truth Emerges
Neil Wagner

Men don't think about sex every seven seconds. It's more like 19 times a day. And many women... Read more >

Good Nutrition Matters to Sperm
Alice G. Walton

Good nutrition and lifestyle choices improve sperm counts. Read more >

Human Papillomavirus Linked to Heart Disease
Neil Wagner

The sexually-transmitted human papillomavirus raises women's risk of heart disease. Read more >

Impotence Can Lead to Heart Disease
Neil Wagner

Erectile dysfunction can be one of the early warning signs of heart disease. Read more >

Hormonal Contraceptives Double Risk of HIV
Neil Wagner

An African study has found that hormonal contraception doubles the risk of HIV infection and... Read more >

Researchers Pin down Significant Genetic Predictor of Ovarian Cancer
Alice G. Walton

Having a faulty RAD51D gene means a 1 in 11 chance of ovarian cancer. Knowing your status can help.. Read more >

Diabetes Study May Point the Way to a Better Sex Life (for All Men)
Neil Wagner

For many male diabetics weight loss is all they need to regain full sexual enjoyment. Read more >

Bad Habits Can Ruin Your Sex Life
Neil Wagner

People with drug or other substance dependence problems and those who are obese are less likely to have satisfying sex. Read more >

Buying Flashy Cars Does Not Marriage Material Make
Alice G. Walton

Men who engage in “conspicuous spending” (think Porsches) have one thing on their minds... Read more >

Emergency Contraception: What You Need to Know
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

What's new in emergency contraception and how well does it work? Read more >

Of Mice and Men: Is a Male Contraceptive on the Way?
Neil Wagner

Research on mice has found a way to reduce male fertility without reducing libido... Read more >

Elusive Manhood: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Neil Wagner

Little things - like being asked to hold a purse - can make men feel their manhood has been... Read more >

Reducing Stress May Boost Success Rate with IVF
Alice G. Walton

Reducing stress can improve the odds of becoming pregnant through in vitro fertilization. Read more >

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: The Most Common Hormone Disorder in Women
D.A. Dumesic, M.D., M. Goodarzi, M.D., Ph.D., G. Chazenbalk, Ph.D., D. Geller, M.D., and D.H. Abbott, Ph.D.

PCOS can interfere with fertility and make pregnancy risky. Worse, it brings long-term health problems. Read more >

Oral Contraceptives: One-Year Supply Cuts Pregnancies
Neil Wagner

Oral contraceptives a one-year supply helps cut pregnancies... Read more >

Amir Levine, M.D., and Rachel S.F. Heller, M.A.

Prostate Cancer: Exercise Means a Longer Life
Neil Wagner

Men who have had prostate cancer can improve their chances of survivial considerably by being active. Read more >

New HIV/AIDS Pill Offers Big Protection When Used As Directed
Alice G. Walton

Truvada offers good protection from HIV infection. Will the CDC approve it? Read more >

Is Morning Sickness a Good Thing?
Alice G. Walton

Women who experience morning sickness are less likely to miscarry than women who do not... Read more >

Easing Menopause: Estrogen For the Brain
Istvan Merchenthaler, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc. and Laszlo Prokai, Ph.D., D,Sc.

Getting estrogen to your brain is the quickest route to reducing some of menopause's worst symptoms, like hot flashes and memory loss. Read more >

New Method May Replace Hysterectomy for Fibroid Sufferers
Alice G. Walton

A procedure that stops blood flow to uterine fibroids may be an alternative to hysterectomy. Read more >

Obesity Takes Toll on Sex Life, Sexual Health
Alice G. Walton

Obese individuals report reduced sex life, more STDs, sexual dysfunction, and unwanted pregnancies. Read more >

Simple or Sophisticated? The Male Reproductive System... Explained
Alice G. Walton

Men's sexual systems produce erections and millions of sperm. Their complexity is often overlooked until something goes wrong. Read more >

Sex and the Elderly
Neil Wagner

It is not uncommon for sexual satisfaction to decline with age. Talking with your partner can help in many ways. Read more >

The Pill May Increase Women's Risk for Sexual Dysfunction
Alice G. Walton

Women on the pill may suffer from lower libido than women on other forms of birth control. Read more >

Kids and Screens: Media and Health
Esther Entin, M.D.

Teens' screen time offers risks and rewards. How to minimize the risks. Read more >

Side Effects of Antidepressants More Common Than Previously Thought
Neil Wagner

Antidepressant medications have many side effects. Too often these go unreported by doctors and patients. Read more >

The Female Reproductive Cycle...Explained
Alice G. Walton

The hormonal changes surrounding ovulation are often intense. Read more >

Does Cola Lower Sperm Count?
Neil Wagner

A study of 18-year-olds found that those who drank the most cola were more likely to have low sperm Read more >

Researchers Find That Antibiotic Used to Treat Acne Also Suppresses HIV
Alice G. Walton

Minocycline helps prevent the HIV virus in infected human T cells from reactivating. Read more >

Stressed Out: The Behavior and Biology of Stress
Alice G. Walton

Stress is a feeling, but it is also a biological response that is both helpful and harmful. Read more >

Oral Contraceptive Use and Bone Mineral Density
Esther Entin, M.D.

Oral contraceptives appear to lower the bone density of women using them. Age and time on the pill seem to be factors. Read more >

Tiny Molecule Might Thwart HIV Transmission
Alice G. Walton

Surfen, a molecule that prevents the HIV virus from communicating with an important compound in semen, holds promise as a means of prevention. Read more >

Modestly Successful AIDS Vaccine Results Give Researchers Hope
Alice G. Walton

Research on a combined, "prime-boost" vaccine has yielded modest results in what was the largest study in AIDS research history. The approach... Read more >

Vaccinating for HPV May Also Prevent Breast Cancer, Study Finds
Alice G. Walton

Vaccinating against HPV (Human Papillomavirus) may also prevent against certain forms of breast cancer. Read more >

From Silent to Serious: Chlamydia Infections in Teens and Young Adults
Esther Entin, M.D.

The STD chlamydia can be diagnosed with a urine specimen and does not require a pelvic examination or vaginal or urethral culture. Read more >

Daily Sex Improves the Quality of Sperm
Alice G. Walton

It appears that having sex more frequently prior to trying to conceive actually improves the quality of sperm. Read more >

Viagra® May Help Depressed Women Get Their Libido Back
Alice G. Walton

There is broad agreement that all women of childbearing age and their partners should have a reproductive plan. Read more >

Reduced Fertility in Diabetic Men May Be Due to DNA Damage in Sperm
Alice G. Walton

Scientists have found that men living with diabetes may be less fertile than non-diabetic men due to DNA damage in the sperm they produce. Read more >

A Molecular "Condom" Against AIDS
Tom Gilbert

While they are certainly better than nothing, traditional latex condoms do an imperfect job of preventing both pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS. Read more >

HIV's Effect on the Immune System Worse than Thought
Tom Gilbert

People with HIV have been living longer and better since the development of highly active antiretroviral therapy (or HAART) in 1995. Read more >

Human Papilloma Virus and Cervical Cancer
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

Modern medicine's battle against cervical cancer is a tale of two worlds. Read more >

Male Infertility
Susan C. Stewart, M.D.

If you have a low sperm count and are trying for a pregnancy, you should avoid hot tubs and saunas. Read more >

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