July 03, 2020
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A Woman's Heart
Women's hearts don't get the respect they should. Too often issues like hypertension and high cholesterol are left un- or under-treated. Read more >

Inflammation and the Unborn
Diabetes, obesity and hypertension create low-grade, chronic inflammation that can cause neurodevelopmental problems in the unborn. Read more >

Pregnant Women Never Drink Alone
Drinking alcohol while you are carrying a child -- any amount at any time -- is a risk. Take a #Drymester. Read more >

Short-Circuiting Premature Births
Taking low-dose aspirin while pregnant can reduce the risk of hypertension and premature birth. Read more >

The Rising Cost of Having a Baby
Out-of-pocket costs for pregnancy care have gone up by 50 percent and more since 2008, prompting many women to skip checkups. Read more >

The Truth about Testosterone Treatments
Men looking to improve their sex lives are easy prey for the testosterone supplements industry. The ACP has some guidelines. Read more >

Flirting at Work
Many office workers think a little flirting at work can add some spice to the day, but things change when the flirt is a supervisor. Read more >

She Works Hard for the Money
Being employed is not just good for a woman's wallet. It improves her physical and emotional health -- even when it's stressful. Read more >

Sex After 60
It's not uncommon for older women to experience a loss of libido, but it may have as much to do with their male partners as hormones. Read more >

Diagnosis by Social Media
Social media sites like Reddit are being used to “crowd-diagnose” STDs. What does this say about the healthcare system? Read more >

Move It or Break It
A broken hip can be deadly and is often the result of osteoporosis. Being sedentary puts you at risk, so get walking. Read more >

Breastfeeding Helps Mothers' Health, Too
Breastfeeding seems to help balance some of the metabolic problems pregnancy can bring, reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Read more >

When First Sexual Encounters Are Coerced
For too many young women their first sexual experience is not consensual, and that can have lasting repercussions. Read more >

Mom's Anemia Can Lead to Behavior Problems in Kids
Anemia early in a woman's pregnancy can spell trouble for fetal brain development, raising the risk of attention deficits and autism. Read more >

Parents, Teach Your Kids about Sex
It turns out that parents do a pretty good job of educating their kids about sex -- if they are willing to make the effort. Read more >

Pot and Pregnancy
Cannabis consumption is not good for developing fetuses. But with legalization, use of marijuana among pregnant women has doubled. Read more >

A Year of Birth Control Pills Cuts Unplanned Pregnancies
When veterans were given a year's supply of oral contraceptives, instead of 90 days, the risk and costs of unplanned pregnancies went down. Read more >

The Secret to Eating for Two
A good diet is crucial for moms-to-be -- and their children. Some women over-supplement; others eat too many empty calories. Read more >

Fertility Tracking Via App
To conceive or not to conceive: By plugging in information about their monthly cycles, women can plot when fertility is at a peak. Read more >

The Vaccine Too Many Doctors and Parents Skip
The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine prevents seven types of cancer, yet few teens and preteen receive it. Read more >

The Most Dangerous Form of Hormone Therapy
Hormone replacement therapy helps women transition to menopause. But the risks are different for patches, pills and creams. Read more >

Moms' Invisible Work
Knowing kids' teachers, kids' schedules and what's in the fridge takes a lot of mental energy, even if it largely goes unrecognized. Read more >

Sex and The Senior Citizen
Sex is good medicine as you age. It doesn't need to be world-class; closeness is what's required. Read more >

Getting Closer
Even young adults enjoying casual sex say they like to experience intimacy. Read more >

Ending Premature Births
Certain fatty acids appear to reduce a woman's risk of giving birth early. Here's how to get them. Read more >

Nail Polish Continues to Put Fertility at Risk
Twenty years ago the risks of certain chemicals in nail polish were exposed. Little has changed. Read more >

PMS and Sexually-Transmitted Diseases
The symptoms of premenstrual syndrome can be evidence of undiagnosed STIs, making it wise for doctors to take them more seriously. Read more >

Talk About Sex...Often
An ongoing series of smaller conversations with kids about sex and staying safe works better than one awkward talk. Read more >

Depression and Menopause
The changes in hormones that mark the transition to menopause leave women vulnerable to depression. Read more >

Opting Out of Breast Surgery
For frail, elderly women, surgery for breast cancer may not be the best option. What to think about. Read more >

Women's Survival Rates Better with Women Doctors
There are a number of reasons why women heart patients are more likely to die if their doctor is a man. Read more >

Male Fertility in Brief
Briefs or boxers? Men who mainly wear briefs have sperm counts that are 25 percent lower than boxer-wearers. Read more >

For Women, HDL May Be Not-So-Good Cholesterol
HDL is called the good cholesterol because it protects your heart. But not when menopause hits. Read more >

A Promising Alternative to the Pap Smear
Testing for the human papillomavirus, or HPV, catches cervical cancer sooner than Pap smears do. But there are other risks to consider. Read more >

Tinder and the Myth of Casual Sex
Dating apps like Tinder are seen as places where men and women go to hook up. But people also use them to make an emotional connection. Read more >

Grandmothers and ADHD
The drug DES was banned in 1971, but it may be causing attention problems in the grandchildren of women who took it. Read more >

The Heart of a Woman
Given that pregnancy and menopause place extra burdens on women's hearts, OB-GYNs need to be on the front lines of women's heart health. Read more >

The Summer of Love, 50 Years On
A poll of people over 65 finds they think sex is still important. Health and gender matter, however. Read more >

Pregnancy and Heart Failure
A woman's chances of having a heart attack go up when she is pregnant. Learn the risks and warning signs. Read more >

PCOS Raises Risk of Mental Health Issues
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can affect more than a woman's fertility. It can affect offspring, too. Read more >

Depression and Contraception
Does taking birth control bring on depression? It depends on what birth control you take. Read more >

New Statistics on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Many more children suffer from the effects of mothers' drinking while pregnant than has been reported. Read more >

A Hormone Patch for Depression
Women transitioning to menopause are at high risk for depression. An estrogen patch could help. Read more >

Explaining "Unexplained" Infertility
For couples trying to get pregnant, fertility problems with no known cause are hard to take. Here's something new to consider. Read more >

Hormone Replacement Therapy's Cloudy Record
A task force finds that hormone therapy carries more health risks than benefits, but what about short-term treatment? Read more >

Women, Up Your Game
There's walking and then there's walking. A stroll around the block is not necessarily going to yield the health benefits you want. Read more >

The Gap in HPV Vaccination Rates
Human papilloma virus can bring on cell changes that lead to cancer. How we can raise vaccination rates. Read more >

When Sex Goes to Pot
People who smoke pot have more sex than those who don't. Or do they just say they do? Read more >

Women, Estrogen and Alzheimer's
The hormonal changes of menopause wreak havoc on women's brains, making them twice as likely as men to develop AD. Read more >

STDs on the Rise
There was an "epidemic" rise in the rates of several sexually-transmitted infections last year, all treatable. Read more >

A New Look at HRT
Good news for women suffering from hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms. Read more >

Making A Game Out of Sex Ed
Teens need information to make smart choices about sex. A video game may be the best way to give it to them. Read more >

Bright Girls, Smarter Women
Believing you are smart and believing you can work your way to an intelligent solution are two very different things. Read more >

A New Take on Gestational Diabetes
Pregnancy can play havoc with a woman's blood sugar, but what happens between pregnancies may be just as important. Read more >

The Road to Menopause
Every woman alive goes through the transition to menopause. It can take years. Hot flashes are just one of the many unpleasant symptoms. Read more >

Heart Benefits for Women Who Breastfeed
Everyone knows how good breastfeeding is for babies. It may benefit moms as much as it does infants. Read more >

Sexual Adventurers
For many women vacation is a time of sexual exploration. While this can be empowering, it also brings risks. Read more >

Having Less Sex?
People are having sex less often. And it's not about work...or age. Read more >

Women, Sports, and Concussions
Women seem to be at greater risk for sports-related concussions than men are. A study starts to unpack why this is. Read more >

The Vasectomy of the Future
Women take note: it's possible to plug the vas deferens so sperm can't get out. And the procedure may even be reversible Read more >

Childbirth Is a Dark Time for Some New Moms
The anxiety and depression that can haunt new mothers are finally receiving the attention they deserve. Read more >

Preventing Miscarriage
Miscarriage is heartbreaking. For some women the end of disappointment may be in sight. Read more >

Older Women and Breast Reconstruction
Women over 60 benefit from breast reconstruction just as much as younger women do. Read more >

Vitamin D Stimulates Stem Cells and Embryonic Development
A lack of vitamin D in umbilical cord tissue can result in fewer fetal blood stem cells and the potential for problems later in life. Read more >

Contraception and Depression
Depression is an under-appreciated side effect of hormonal contraception. Certain women are especially vulnerable. Read more >

Why Sex Ed Doesn't Work
Teens have some pretty good reasons for giving their sexual education programs low marks. Read more >

Women and ADHD
Women with ADHD tend to live in poverty, suffer from anxiety and depression, and fly under the radar of mental health programs. Read more >

Menopause and Insomnia Speed Up Aging
Women's biological clocks speed up with early menopause — before age 51 — and sleep problems. Read more >

Another Myth about HRT Laid to Rest
There are a lot of claims made regarding the risks and benefits of hormone replacement. A big study takes one off the list. Read more >

A Smartphone App to Track Fertility
A new app to track women's monthly cycles could help you get pregnant — or avoid it. Read more >

Women's Heart Attacks Dangerously Under-Treated
Women in cardiac arrest are 30% less likely to have an angiogram or angioplasty than men. Now the question is, why? Read more >

Eating for Two
Mothers' weight gain during pregnancy actually changes their babies' metabolisms. Read more >

Diet Soda Can Make Your Baby Fat
Drinking artificially sweetened beverages during pregnancy makes infants likelier to be overweight. Read more >

Formula As Good As Mother's Milk
A bacteria found in mothers' milk makes it especially good for babies' digestive health. Read more >

Hormones For The Heart
Hormone replacement therapy can help reduce atherosclerosis if it is started early in menopause. Read more >

Mammograms Could Be Good For Your Heart
Mammograms may predict coronary arterial calcification. Read more >

The Feel-Good Hormone... Until It Isn't
Oxytocin is known as the love hormone, but it may also predict new mothers' vulnerability to depression. Read more >

The Chemicals in Your Deodorant, Makeup, Shampoo
Personal care products can contain endocrine disrupting compounds. They aren't too hard to avoid. Read more >

Why We Miss So Many Heart Attacks in Women
Heart attacks in women can be sneaky. Know the warning signs. Read more >

Mothers-To-Be Need Fish
Pregnant women who eat more fish have children who grow up to be smarter. Read more >

Fruit's Sexy Side Effect
Men who eat more fruit are at far less risk for erectile problems. It's all in the flavonoids. Read more >

An Alternative to Mammograms?
Ultrasounds catch breast cancer early just as well as a mammogram does. And they cost far less. Read more >

Suffering Semen
Birth rates in the EU and other developed nations are back to the low levels of a century ago. Read more >

Pregnant? Join The Group
It's important to see a doctor when you are pregnant, but it may be even better to do it with other mothers-to-be. Read more >

Sex And Happiness
Having sex once a week is a good recipe for a happy relationship. Read more >

Soy May Rival Meds For Bone Health
The isoflavones in soy products — and some foods — can offer thinning bones the help they need. Read more >

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders — FASD — are entirely preventable, but they cannot be cured. Read more >

Sex And Drugs And...
Smoking pot and drinking alcohol increase the likelihood students will have sex. More concerning is which students are having the most unprotected sex. Read more >

Safe Sex, The Cardio Version
Having sex if you've had heart problems is generally safe. Ask your doctor if he or she doesn't bring it up. Read more >

Endocrine-Disrupting Phthalates Linked to Miscarriage
Endocrine disrupting phthalates have been linked to an increased risk of miscarriage. Read more >

Don't Blame The Egg...
Age-related Infertility may have less to do with eggs than the environment in which they live, suggesting a new route to IVF success. Read more >

Senior Sex In A Post-Viagra World
More seniors are enjoying sex, but a worrisome emphasis on performance is creeping in. Read more >

Don't Douche
Feminine hygiene products contain dangerous chemicals called phthalates. Don't bother. Your body does just fine on its own. Read more >

Mammograms, More to Debate
A recent report finds that in women over 50 and under 70, mammograms save lives. Read more >

Fertility Problems? Pain Medications May Be Responsible
Ovulation dropped by 75% and more in women taking certain over-the-counter and prescription pain meds. Read more >

What Your Online Dating Photo Says About You
If you photoshopped your profile photo to make yourself look better, you may want to think again. Read more >

A Miscarriage of Miscarriage
Miscarriage is almost never a woman's fault. Most often, it's because the fetus is not viable. Read more >

Millennials Spearhead a Shift in Sexual Attitudes
Sexual attitudes keep changing — and changing back again. What new and what's not. Read more >

Parenthood Puts An End to Couples' Equal Workloads
When a first child arrives, couples' equal workloads go out the window. But it's not all dad's fault. Read more >

Endocrine Disruptors’ New Threat: Early Menopause
Women exposed to EDCs enter menopause years early. How to avoid exposure. Read more >

Misleading Numbers on Campus Sexual Assaults
Guess what happens to the number of rapes and sexual assaults reported on campuses when legal scrutiny is lifted? Read more >

Is That Hysterectomy Really Necessary?
Too often surgery is the first option presented to women with minor gynecological issues. Read more >

For Younger Women, Daily Aspirin May Do More Harm than Good
For women under 65, aspirin’s risks may outweigh its benefits. Read more >

More Children Are Harmed by Fetal Alcohol Exposure Than Previously Thought
When pregnant women drink alcohol, their babies drink with them. Read more >

Minimizing Your Risk of Gestational Diabetes
Four lifestyle changes can reduce women's risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy by 80%. Read more >

Fried Food Increases Risk for Gestational Diabetes
Women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant should try to limit the amount of fried food they eat, particularly when eating out. Read more >

Epigenetic Effects Extend Prenatal Influences to Men and Across Generations
Epigenetics can affect the fetus long before pregnancy. Fathers' health plays a big role, too. Read more >

Nature Really Does Nurture
Mothers who spend more time in green spaces are less likely to have low birth weight babies. Read more >

Mammograms Benefit Women Even Past Age 75
Mammograms can help even women over 75 enjoy longer and cancer-free lives. Read more >

A Gel to Fight Breast Cancer, without the Side Effects
Treating breast cancer with a gel on the skin may be as effective as oral drugs, and without the risks. Read more >

Are Routine Pelvic Exams Unnecessary?
They're sometimes painful, intrusive and now it appears they offer little benefit. The ACP comes out against routine pelvic exams. PAP smears not included. Read more >

High Cholesterol Appears Linked to Breast Cancer Risk
Women with high cholesterol are more likely to develop breast cancer. But there's a possible treatment. Read more >

3D Mammography Detects More Tumors, Reduces Recalls Versus 2D Alone
Breast cancer screening may soon be far more accurate and far more reassuring. Read more >

Perimenopause, Estrogen and Mood
Estrogen levels fluctuate during the changes leading up to menopause, and this destabilizes brain chemicals linked to mood. Read more >

Eating Red Meat Increases Breast Cancer Risk
Women who regularly eat red meat from a young age have a greatly increased risk of breast cancer. Read more >

Young Women Often Unaware of the Cancer Protection Offered by the HPV Vaccine
Human papilloma virus spreads easily with sexual contact. It can make girls vulnerable to cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine is the answer. Read more >

Weight Gain During and After Pregnancy Signals Serious Health Problems
It's not a problem to gain weight when you are pregnant, but you need to lose it after the baby arrives. Read more >

With Hormone Replacement Therapy, Timing and Formulation Matter
Some forms of hormone replacement therapy help keep women's brain metabolism rolling. But others may cause problems. Read more >

New Mothers Face An Increased the Risk of Stroke
New moms are at higher risk for having a stroke, but too often the signs go unnoticed. Read more >

Study Calls Need For Yearly Mammograms Into Question
Yearly mammograms don't prevent cancer deaths. Where does this leave women over 40? Read more >

Two Studies Expand Treatment Options for Menopausal Symptoms
Women can suffer the symptoms of menopause for years, even decades. New treatments may help. Read more >

Too Few Doctors Talk to Teen Patients About Sex
Doctors tend not to discuss sex with their teenaged patients. What a wasted opportunity. Read more >

Men and Women's Neural Networks Reflect Sex Differences
A new kind of brain scan tells us a lot about why women are better at meetings and men at maps. Read more >

Vaginal Delivery Is A Viable Option Following Caesarean Birth
Women who had a C-section with their first child often are successful giving birth vaginally for the next. Read more >

Exercise During Pregnancy Can Improve Infant Brain Development
Exercise makes pregnancy and childbirth easier. It also seems to boost infant brain development. Read more >

Vitamin D Alone Does Little For Bone Health
Vitamin D may not be necessary for older women seeking to protect their bones. Read more >

Teens More Susceptible to Herpes Infections
Oral sex is not the protect from STDS that many think it is. In particular, herpes is more likely to be transmitted. Read more >

Even Light Exercise May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
Walking an hour a day can cut the risk of breast cancer by a significant amount. Read more >

Hormone Replacement Therapy Offers Little Protection from Disease
Hormone replacement therapy doesn't seem to offer many health benefits beyond easing the symptoms of menopause. Read more >

Certain Antihypertensive Drugs Increase Breast Cancer Risk
Certain blood pressure medications significantly raise a woman's risk for breast cancer. Read more >

High Phthalate Levels in Women May Reduce Fertility
Phthalates are found in air fresheners, toys, plastic storage containers and reduce IVF success. Read more >

Vaginal Changes After Menopause
Pain during sex is a common experience among older women, but it doesn't have to be that way. Read more >

Expectant Mom's Diet May Determine Child's Bone Health
Mothers' prenatal diets appear to set the stage for children's bone development for years after birth. Supplements are not enough. Read more >

Two-Drug Combination Better for Increasing Bone Density
Combining osteoporosis drugs can increase bone mineral density. Read more >

HRT Linked to Improved Muscle Function in Postmenopausal Women
Hormone replacement therapy has risks, but what it does for women's muscles and strength is all good. Read more >

Certain Migraine Medications Should Not Be Taken during Pregnancy
When taken during pregnancy, certain migraine medications may affect a baby's mental abilities. Read more >

Lip Makeup May Contain Toxic Levels of Certain Metals
Toxic lipstick. It's not a new band; it's about the metals found in lipstick and lip gloss. Read more >

Treatment Delays and Survival Rate for Breast Cancer Differ by Race, Socioeconomic Status
Race, SES, and age are predictors of survival in women with breast cancer. Read more >

Certain Minerals May Reduce Symptoms of PMS
Women with good levels of a certain form of iron are less prone to PMS. Potassium is another story. Read more >

Helicopter Parents: When Mothering Is Smothering
College kids whose parents haven't learned to let go are prone to anxiety and depression. Support autonomy. Read more >

Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Menopausal Symptoms
Complementary and alternative (CAM) therapies may provide relief for women transitioning to menopause. HRT helps, too. Read more >

Are Women More Comfortable In Their Skin than Men?
Are the near-naked female avatars in games a sign of liberation? Read more >

Even a Little Alcohol When Pregnant Puts a Child's IQ at Risk
Drinking alcohol while pregnant carries serious risks to a child's IQ. Read more >

Increased Calcium Intake Reduces Risk of Hyperparathyroidism
Parathyroids are only the size of grains of rice, but can cause bone loss, cancer, and depression... Read more >

Hormone Replacement Offers a Benefit When Started Soon After Menopause
A new study finds HRT has protective benefits. But another study found it to be risky. Who can keep up? Read more >

Protection from AIDS for High-Risk Heterosexuals
The CDC recommends people at high risk for heterosexual transmission of HIV consider using Truvada. Read more >

A Gene May Help Explain Happiness in Women, Not Men
A gene previously dubbed the "warrior gene" because of its links to aggression may also be linked... Read more >

Cranberry Products May Help Prevent Urinary Tract Infections
Cranberry products may be an effective way to preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs). Read more >

Long-Term Contraception More Effective at Preventing Unintended Pregnancies
Women taking the pill or patch or ring were far more likely to have an unplanned pregnancy... Read more >

Iron Supplements May Help Women With Fatigue
Tired? Women diagnosed with low iron, even when it's not anemia, can benefit from iron supplements. Check with your doctor first. Read more >

Managing Major Depression During Pregnancy: To Treat or Not to Treat?
Taking antidepressants while pregnant can mean choosing between a woman's mental health and potential risks to the fetus. Read more >

Patients With No Post-MI Counseling Needlessly Delay or Avoid Sex
It is generally safe to resume sex after a heart attack. Don't be afraid to raise the issue with your doctor. Read more >

Why Babies Don't Come with a Manual
A survey of child-rearing books over the past 50 years finds many contradictions, but offer... Read more >

Botox Effective Treatment for Urinary Incontinence
Botox shows promise as a treatment for urinary incontinence Read more >

Losing Weight May Not Change Body Image
Losing weight may not make body image issues disappear. Read more >

Endometriosis: Symptoms, Treatments, and Becoming Pregnant
When tissue from the lining of the uterus starts to grow outside it, fertility can be affected. Read more >

Testosterone: The "Me" Hormone
When women were given testosterone and asked to solve a problem, cooperation went way down... Read more >

Progestins and the Brain
Progestins influence virtually every major organ system, particularly the brain, where they may prevent cell degeneration. Read more >

Adrenal Hormone DHEA For Menopause Symptoms
The hormone DHEA sounds like a miracle: it may ease menopause symptoms and boost sexual interest. Read more >

Men and Sex: The Truth Emerges
Men don't think about sex every seven seconds. It's more like 19 times a day. And many women... Read more >

Researchers Gain Insight into How BRCA Mutations Increase Breast Cancer Risk
Researchers discover exactly what makes BRCA mutations so dangerous for breast cancer risk... Read more >

Procedure Helps Babies Who Have Trouble Breastfeeding
"Tongue-tie" or tether tongue makes it hard for babies to latch on to the breast. It can be easily diagnosed and corrected. Read more >

Women with PID May Be at Risk of Infertility
Pelvic inflammatory disease can threaten a woman’s fertility, so it is important to have a checkup. Read more >

Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy Aids Reconstruction
For some women, nipple-sparing surgery can help their breasts look more natural after breast cancer surgery. Read more >

A False Positive for Miscarriage
When ultrasounds to diagnose miscarriage are inaccurate, healthy pregnancies may be terminated. Read more >

Impotence Can Lead to Heart Disease
Erectile dysfunction can be one of the early warning signs of heart disease. Read more >

For Postmenopausal Women, All Weight Loss Is Not the Same
If you are 60 or older and trying to lose weight, don't skimp on protein, or the weight you lose may be muscle. Read more >

Bad Habits Can Ruin Your Sex Life
People with drug or other substance dependence problems and those who are obese are less likely to have satisfying sex. Read more >

Buying Flashy Cars Does Not Marriage Material Make
Men who engage in “conspicuous spending” (think Porsches) have one thing on their minds... Read more >

Emergency Contraception: What You Need to Know
What's new in emergency contraception and how well does it work? Read more >

Reducing Stress May Boost Success Rate with IVF
Reducing stress can improve the odds of becoming pregnant through in vitro fertilization. Read more >

Bone Health: More Controversy Over Calcium and Vitamin D
Recent research suggests that taking calcium raises heart risk. But what about osteoporosis? Read more >

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: The Most Common Hormone Disorder in Women
PCOS can interfere with fertility and make pregnancy risky. Worse, it brings long-term health problems. Read more >

Omega-3 Supplements May Ease PMS
Omega-3 fatty acids supplements may help ease symptoms in women who suffer from PMS. Read more >

Many People Rate Themselves as Normal Even When Overweight: What's Changed?
People who are seriously overweight tend not to see themselves as being as heavy as they are... Read more >

Oral Contraceptives: One-Year Supply Cuts Pregnancies
Oral contraceptives a one-year supply helps cut pregnancies... Read more >

Study Finds Opioids Taken During Pregnancy Increase Birth Defects
If you are pregnant or trying to beome pregnant, check with your doctor before taking any medication — even herbal preparations. Read more >

Doctors Turn to Surgical Biopsies Too Often, Study Finds
Doctors are ordering surgical breast biopsies when needle biopsies would suffice. What's the cost... Read more >

Experts Expand Guidelines for Osteoporosis Screening in Women
Drinking alcohol daily, smoking and a low body mass index all raise your risk of osteoporosis considerably. Read more >

Waiting Longer to Begin HRT May Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer
Waiting longer than five years to begin hormones after menopause may reduce the risk of breast cancer associated with HRT. Read more >

Menopause Symptoms Are Linked to Reduced Breast Cancer Risk, Say Researchers
Hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause may actually have a protective effect when it comes to certain cancers. Read more >

Olive Oil and Leafy Greens Help Women's Hearts
Leafy greens and olive oil help protect women from heart disease. Read more >

Anesthesia-Related Deaths During Childbirth Drop, But Still Present Risk
The number of women who die from general anesthesia during childbirth has dropped, but epidurals... Read more >

BPA Lowers Women's Fertility in Study
Women having trouble conceiving may want to consider their exposure to BPA and learn how to limit it Read more >

Increased Risk of Heart Disease Seen in Women with High Job Strain
No surprise: women facing job stress have a greatly increased risk of heart disease. But what to do? Read more >

More Evidence That Mammograms Under 50 May Reduce Risk
Just in: Another new study finds that early mammograms may bring big benefits to women under 50. Read more >

New Mothers' Brains May Grow Larger
The thrill and pleasure of a new baby appear to stimulate brain growth, particularly in areas... Read more >

Hormones Raise Cancer Risk
Hormone replacement therapy may increase the risk of developing breast cancer and of dying from it. Read more >

Is Morning Sickness a Good Thing?
Women who experience morning sickness are less likely to miscarry than women who do not... Read more >

To Screen or Not to Screen? That is the Question
Two new studies add to the debate about whether mammograms should be standard for women in their 40s Read more >

Easing Menopause: Estrogen For the Brain
Getting estrogen to your brain is the quickest route to reducing some of menopause's worst symptoms, like hot flashes and memory loss. Read more >

It's Quality, Not Quantity, of Sleep That's Important for New Moms
Even though they may total enough hours at night, interrupted sleep is what hurts new moms. Read more >

Hormone Replacement Therapy Makes Mammograms Hard to Read
HRT may affect how doctors interpret the tests, leading to diagnoses diagnoses of breast cancer... Read more >

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean: New Data to Aid Decisions
If you have had a cesarean section, you may still be able to deliver a child vaginally. Read more >

Women's Cholesterol Levels Affected by Time of the Month, Study Says
Doctors testing a woman's cholesterol may want to ask when her last period was, since estrogen level Read more >

New Method May Replace Hysterectomy for Fibroid Sufferers
A procedure that stops blood flow to uterine fibroids may be an alternative to hysterectomy. Read more >

Age at Menopause May Predict Cardiovascular Risk
Women who go through early menopause – before age 46 – may be at double the risk for cardio events. Read more >

Obesity Takes Toll on Sex Life, Sexual Health
Obese individuals report reduced sex life, more STDs, sexual dysfunction, and unwanted pregnancies. Read more >

A New Look At Postpartum Depression
New mothers have elevated levels of MAO-A, an enzyme known to deactivate neurotransmitters that affect mood. Read more >

The Pill May Increase Women's Risk for Sexual Dysfunction
Women on the pill may suffer from lower libido than women on other forms of birth control. Read more >

The Female Reproductive Cycle...Explained
The hormonal changes surrounding ovulation are often intense. Read more >

Researchers Find That Antibiotic Used to Treat Acne Also Suppresses HIV
Minocycline helps prevent the HIV virus in infected human T cells from reactivating. Read more >

Herbs and Pregnancy: Does Natural Mean Safe?
The use of herbal preparations, in any stage of life, but particularly during pregnancy, should not be taken lightly. Read more >

Psychiatric Drugs During Pregnancy: Benefits, Risks, Alternatives
Timing makes a difference when it comes to taking antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs while pregnant. Read more >

Oral Contraceptive Use and Bone Mineral Density
Oral contraceptives appear to lower the bone density of women using them. Age and time on the pill seem to be factors. Read more >

Exercise: A Boost for Aging Brains and Bodies
A series of studies on exercise and aging shows that brisk walking can improve bones, heart and balance. Read more >

Acupuncture May Reduce Hot Flashes (and Up Sex Drive) in Breast Cancer Patients
Giving breast cancer patients acupuncture can help ease the side effects of hormone therapy and improves sex drive in some. Read more >

Blood Test Tells Baby's Sex Early in Pregnancy
A simple blood test may replace amniocentesis as the best means for determining a baby's sex early in utero Read more >

Breast Milk: The Best Food Money Can't Buy
For most babies, breast milk is the best milk, but it is important to supplement with vitamin D. Read more >

High Blood Sugar During Pregnancy: When and Why Should It Be Treated?
High blood sugar during pregnancy, gestational diabetes, is a major health risk for mothers and babies. Read more >

Alcoholism, Depression, and Obesity Create Vicious Triangle in Women
Women who obsessively replay negative events in their mind are more at risk for alcoholism, depression and obesity. Read more >

Hormone Replacement Therapy May Increase Breast Cancer Risk
There are a number of things to consider when thinking about beginning hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Read more >

Vaccinating for HPV May Also Prevent Breast Cancer, Study Finds
Vaccinating against HPV (Human Papillomavirus) may also prevent against certain forms of breast cancer. Read more >

Preserving Fertility in Stage I Ovarian Cancer Patients
For women with Stage 1 ovarian cancer, it may not be necessary to remove the uterus or both ovaries, thus preserving fertility. Read more >

Eating Seafood During Pregnancy May Ward off Depression
Depression during pregnancy not only affects the mother, but it can be damaging to the baby as well. Read more >

Women's Slight Cognitive Decline Early in Menopause Rebounds
Cognitive functions do indeed seem to suffer slightly in early menopause. But these functions rebound when menopause is fully underway. Read more >

Smoking Harder on Women's Lungs than on Men's, Researchers Say
Smoking cigarettes may be worse for women's health than it is for men's. Read more >

Birth Control Pills May Interfere with Strength Training
Taking birth control pills can interfere with women athletes' ability to build muscle mass. Read more >

Women Coffee Drinkers Have Lower Stroke Risk, Study Reports
Coffee appears to reduce the risk of stroke in women. Read more >

High Levels of Stress Hormone Could Predict Postpartum Depression
During pregnancy, the placenta generates about 100 times the level of pCRH than the brain normally does. Read more >

Misfolded Proteins at the Root of Preeclampsia, New Study Suggests
Preeclampsia takes the lives of approximately 76,000 women worldwide every year, and is the number one cause of preterm birth. Read more >

Sexually Transmitted Diseases on the Rise, Says CDC
Chlamydia can result in pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, and lead to female infertility. Read more >

Oral Bisphosphonates Linked to Jaw Disease
Let your dentist know if you are taking bisphosphonates for osteoporosis. They can bring on deterioration of the jawbone. Read more >

Secondhand Smoke Decreases Fertility in Women, New Study Reports
Women who are exposed to secondhand smoke may have more trouble getting pregnant or, once pregnant, have increased chances of miscarriage. Read more >

Buffering for Better Bones: Reducing Dietary Acid Can Improve Skeletal Health
Neutralizing the metabolic acidity of the typical American diet can effectively reduce bone loss in older people. Read more >

A New Way to Treat Osteoporosis?
Bones may seem like such solid, unchanging objects. In reality, they’re very dynamic. Read more >

Statins Do Not Protect Women from Heart Attacks
Statins are effective for men, but it is not clear they are effective for women. Read more >

Oral Contraceptives May Affect Women's Choice of Mates
MHC similarity in couples may lead to infertility and relationship problems when women stop taking the pill... Read more >

Melanoma's Alarming Rise
In order to avoid melanoma, young women should wear plenty of sunscreen and avoid the hottest parts of the day. Read more >

Viagra® May Help Depressed Women Get Their Libido Back
There is broad agreement that all women of childbearing age and their partners should have a reproductive plan. Read more >

Stretching Helps Prevent Preeclampsia During Pregnancy
For years pregnant women have been told that walking at a moderate pace is a good way to stay healthy during pregnancy. Read more >

Foot Care Myth and Reality
Summer is tough on our feet. Read more >

Early Exercise vs. Breast Cancer Risk
A new study shows that girls and young women who exercise regularly can substantially lower their risk of pre-menopausal breast cancer. Read more >

You Are What Your Mom Ate
What a pregnant woman was eating around the time of conception could influence whether her child is a girl or a boy, according to new research. Read more >

Prenatal Exposure to Cigarette Smoking May Bring on Early Menopause
A study of 4000 women in the U.S. has found that those whose mothers smoked during pregnancy were 21 percent more likely to have gone through menopause at any given age. Read more >

Lip Service: Protecting Lips from UV Damage
Women who use shiny lip balms and glosses may actually be increasing their risk of skin cancer, because the products appear to attract harmful UV rays, according to Dr. Read more >

Drinking and Breast Cancer Risk
Alcohol significantly increases a woman's risk of breast cancer; this is particularly true of estrogen-receptor and progesterone-receptor positive breast cancer, a new study shows. Read more >

Seatbelts and the Unborn
Seatbelts do a pretty good job of protecting an unborn fetus in the event of a car accident, says a new study. Read more >

A Kick in the Botox
A new study raises concerns that using the common cosmetic treatment Botox might be dangerous. Read more >

Moms' Exercise Lowers Fetal Heart Rates
We all know exercise is good for us. Read more >

Older Women Have Hard Time Staying Hard
Staying in good shape is harder for older women than older men because women's bodies are less able to replace muscle that is lost naturally as they age, according to a new study. Read more >

Epithelial Ovarian Cancer
By the time most women seek treatment for epithelial ovarian cancer, the disease has already reached an advanced stage. Read more >

Autism Caused by Immunity Error?
Among the many mysteries of autism, medical science has no clue about what causes 90% of the cases of this heartbreaking disease. Read more >

Low Fat Diet Helps Lower Blood Pressure
Eating low-fat dairy foods is associated with a lower risk of developing hypertension, or high blood pressure. Read more >

Age, Sex and Depression
It is no secret that depression is a particular problem among the elderly. Read more >

A(nother) Reason Not to Drink While Pregnant
Many studies have shown that young people with a family history of drinking alcohol will go on to drink more themselves. Read more >

Women Should Demand Less Invasive Surgery
Modern medicine has been revolutionized by the use of endoscopes, which allow surgeons to see, in great detail, inside the body. Read more >

HPV Link to Head and Neck Cancer
Not long ago, the human papillomavirus (HPV) was identified as a cause of cervical cancer in women. Read more >

Air Force Women and the Stress of War
According to a new study, the stress of serving for long periods of time far from home and family significantly increases an individual's likelihood of suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) regardless of exposure to combat. Read more >

Women Catch a (Coffee) Break
Popular legal stimulants coffee and tea do not increase a woman's risk of developing breast cancer. Read more >

Frequent Exercise Reduces Breast Cancer Risk
New data suggest that long-term and intense physical exercise may help protect women against some types of breastcancer. Read more >

A Molecular "Condom" Against AIDS
While they are certainly better than nothing, traditional latex condoms do an imperfect job of preventing both pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS. Read more >

Pregnant Smokers May "Program" Their Kids to Smoke
Pregnant smokers may "program" their children to become smokers suggests the latest research. Read more >

A Girl and Her ACL
Adolescent female athletes are eight times more likely to injure their knee's anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) than their male counterparts, according to a recent study. Read more >

Solving a Medical Mystery
"High-dose cortisone is the second most common cause of osteoporosis, and we currently have no real treatment for this serious side effect," says Steven L. Read more >

Can Calcium Make Pregnancy Safer?
Calcium supplementation during pregnancy can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure and preeclampsia. Read more >

Not By Breast Alone
Giving breastfed babies a bit of solid food may help ward off food allergies. Read more >

Got Twins?
Diet can affect the likelihood of having twins...really. Read more >

Human Papilloma Virus and Cervical Cancer
Modern medicine's battle against cervical cancer is a tale of two worlds. Read more >

The Detection and Management of Osteoporosis
Author's Note: I would like to thank Dr. Read more >

Female Infertility
Author's Note: The expert advisors for this article are James M. Read more >

Male Infertility
If you have a low sperm count and are trying for a pregnancy, you should avoid hot tubs and saunas. Read more >

HIV/AIDS in Women
Anal sex carries a higher risk for HIV infection than vaginal sex. Read more >

A New Test for Breast Cancer Risk?
A team of Texas cancer researchers reported that they have found a new tool for identifying women at high risk for breast cancer. Read more >

The Latest on Emergency Contraception
After taking emergency contraception, women should avoid having unprotected sex until their next period begins. Read more >

Medical Abortion in Practice: An Interview
To learn more about practical issues involving medical abortion, TheDoctor's Tom Gilbert, interviewed Jini Tanenhaus, Associate Vice President for the Clinician Training Initiatve, Planned Parenthood of New York City. Read more >

The Three M's of Medical Abortion — Mifepristone, Methotrexate and Misoprostol
An IUD must be removed before taking medical abortion drugs like RU-486. Read more >

Overeating for Two
Pregnant women are supposed to gain weight but a new study suggests that many American women are getting too much of a good thing. Read more >

Coping with Menopause
At menopause, use a lubricant to help maintain a good sex life. Read more >

A Better Way of "Living" With Lymphedema
Answer: the lymphatic system. Read more >

Hysterectomy and Sex: The Good News
When a doctor tells you that you need a hysterectomy, or any major surgery, it is not normally considered good news. Read more >

Tobacco and Women: Trends and Strategies for Quitting
At the beginning of the twentieth century, if an American woman smoked a cigarette it was considered disgraceful behavior. Read more >

Taking Osteoporosis Out of Your Future — A Major Challenge for Women
Balance exercise, like Tai Chi, can lessen the risk of falls. Read more >

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